Randolph Air Force Base Address
Randolph AFB, TX 78150

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Randolph AFB Texas


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Randolph Air Force Base

Located in Universal City, Texas, Randolph is an Air Force Base strictly dedicated to training troops, so there are no active missions involved. It is home to the 12th Flying Training Wing, and was built between 1928 and 1930, only to be opened in 1931. In terms of education, they are one of the best, as they have their local Air Education and Training Command, the place where future American pilots are trained and taught. It is commanded by Colonel Richard Clark and has a primary mission of attempting to achieve the daunting task of train the future Airmen of America, and the future rescue teams too.

The bases logo shows a sword pointed downwards caught in a flame, the symbols of power and strength through determination. Randolph also has an Air University, the place where recruits are further taught and trained in air combat missions. Some examples of aircraft found at the base are the T-1s, the TH-1H helicopters and HC-130 aerial tankers. The housing facilities are for recruits only, there are no other accommodation possibilities either for outsiders of for other DoD officials, since the area in which they work is very small. Also, the number of people at the base is not publicly known, although some claim the number of 2,000.

Since they have no active missions they aren't really popularized, except from time to time, when they organize different events such as humanitarian and educational festivities and air show performances. The base was named in honor to Captain William Millican Randolph.